100 Pack - "EarSaver" Surgical Mask Acrylic Clips

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100 Count of EarSaver Clips

Laser Cut Acrylic Clip designed to reduce wear and rubbing on the ears and head caused by elastic straps of surgical and similar designed masks. (Mask not included)

Dimensions: 3.5" Wide x 1" Long x 1/8" Thick

Standard Cleaning/Care: Hand wash with warm water and antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. Do not use harsh chemicals such as acetone or alcohol.


Each EarSaver clip will be shipped with the protective sheet still attached to both sides to reduce cross-contamination of something that will be touching your head. Simply use your fingernail to gently lift a corner of the sheet and peel to remove. 

Shape/Design may vary from pictures as we are continuing to try and make this a better, more comfortable product to protect your ears and head. Engraved artwork shown not included. 

Part of the proceeds are used to produce clips for donating to our local medical facilities and first responders.

We will work around the clock to try our best to make sure all orders are produced and shipped as quickly as we possibly can.