Southpaw's Tales from the Barstool

Our podcast, co-hosted by J.D. Tierney (Southpaw Laser Concepts Founder) and his stunning wife, is an open forum interview platform featuring business leaders, entrepreneurs, community leaders and people from our past.

The catch...

...NO SHOP TALK! Get to know these success story poster children OFF-THE-CLOCK, BEHIND-THE-SCENES AND UNDER THE INFLUENCE.

There are candid conversations, stories of the glory day and many MANY unexpected turns along the way.

**Mature Content. Not Intended for Children or Sensitive People**

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Upcoming guests

Dr. Robert Garcia

Business Strategist, Author, PhD, Badass

Steven Khun

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Combat Vet, Mentor, Humble Alpha

Erik Bingel

Veteran, Author, Musician and Brother from Another Mother

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