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Due to current global events, some hat color and style options may not be available at all times. 

For our custom orders, we will do real time sourcing for color and style options while on a phone or video call, ensuring we can provide you exactly what you need. We will do everything in our power to make you happy. 

Thank you for understanding and for continuing to let Southpaw earn your business.

Featured Client: Dr. Robert Garcia

One of our customers that has become a close friend and mentor. 

After failing out of high school and 2 colleges, Rob hit a low point at 19 years old. Unemployed, sleeping on the floor and unable to afford meat, he lost his direction in life. 

After an enlistment in the Air Force earning a Senior NCO rank, Rob learned discipline, meticulous planning and how to set goals for himself.

These days, he has set his home in San Diego, California as the CEO of SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine and has been featured on TV, radio as well as becoming a noted speaker.

He has earned multiple degrees, including a doctorate, has authored multiple e-books and mastered the craft of marketing and exposure for businesses. 

I am truly blessed to have Rob as a friend and mentor.