Hats that work hard for you

Help Us Help Others During the Covid-19 Crisis

Southpaw Laser Concepts has expanded its focus during these trying times from custom hats to also producing acrylic clips designed for medical folks, first responders and anyone else who will be wearing surgical masks for extended periods of time. 

The design is made to reduce rubbing and chafing around the ears caused by the elastic straps. 

Part of the proceeds of all sales of these EarSavers will be used to manufacture and DONATE thousands of these clips to our local hospitals and first responders.

We have already donated to 2 local hospitals, 1 children's hospital, 1 regional hospital, 3 different county's first responders, 4 UrgentCare/E.R. facilities, 1 large nursing home, 2 pediatric clinics, multiple home health providers, my personal dentist's office and we don't plan on stopping!!!

Contact us if you would like to sponsor the donation of EarSaver Clips to your local health professionals.

Who is Southpaw

Southpaw Laser Concepts was founded by J.D. Tierney, a native Texan, family man and Air Force veteran.

His goal is to not only produce the best hats with engraved leather patches, but to create a business environment mirroring the morals and traditions of Mayberry. Southpaw does not want customers, but friends. 

After much loss, pain and grief caused by various events in his life, J.D. KNOWS that products don't matter, people do. So, welcome to the family and never hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.



Due to current global events, some hat color options may not be available at all times. Also, please note that Southpaw may substitute Richardson brand hats with Yupoong brand hats for some orders. The quality, feel and look are almost identical and we wouldn't use them if we didn't feel like they were worth it. 

Thank you for understanding and for continuing to let Southpaw earn your business.

Check Out Our Happy Customers!

Featured Client: Dr. Robert Garcia

One of our customers that has become a close friend and mentor. 

After failing out of high school and 2 colleges, Rob hit a low point at 19 years old. Unemployed, sleeping on the floor and unable to afford meat, he lost his direction in life. 

After an enlistment in the Air Force earning a Senior NCO rank, Rob learned discipline, meticulous planning and how to set goals for himself.

These days, he has set his home in San Diego, California as the CEO of SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine and has been featured on TV, radio as well as becoming a noted speaker.

He has earned multiple degrees, including a doctorate, has authored multiple e-books and mastered the craft of marketing and exposure for businesses. 

I am truly blessed to have Rob as a friend and mentor.


Join The Southpaw Team

Southpaw Laser Concepts has launched its Marketing Affiliate Program which rewards its affiliates with commissions from 10% to 25% PLUS potential for bonuses, free products and more! To get information about joining the Southpaw team, email us at Info@GetSouthpaw.com